Team Kentucky Captures J.B Holmes Cup

On October 26-27, Old Bridge Golf Club in Danville served as host to the latest installment of the J.B Holmes Cup. This annual fall tradition has become one of the cornerstone events for junior golfers in Kentucky with the best boys and girls in the state facing off in a Ryder Cup styled event, pitting Team J.B Holmes (Campbellsville area) against Team Kentucky. Following sessions of four-ball, foursomes and singles, Team Kentucky would prevail by a final score of 21.5-14.5. Holmes was unable to attend the competition, however, during Friday night's opening ceremony, he was Skyped in and spoke to the audience and answered questions from players and parents about a variety of topics.


Page/Kelty (Team Kentucky) def. Huff/Farrell 2&1.
Harmon/Hale (Team Kentucky) def. Hopkins/George 1 UP.
Russell/Ford (Team J.B Holmes) def. Yun/Glisson 2&1.
Borders/Estravillo (Team Kentucky) def. Clark/Trautman 3&2.
Holcomb/Isaacs (Team Kentucky) def. Johnson/Cox 2 UP.
Wall/Liles (Team Kentucky) def. Ingram/Sadler 4&3.
Kehoe/Anderson (Team J.B Holmes) def. Limberg/Compton 1 UP.
Mason/Smith (Team J.B Holmes) def. Abernathy/Anderson 3&1.
Coyle/Humphress (Team J.B Holmes) def. Thomis/Bennett 2 UP.

FOUR-BALL SESSION SCORE: Team Kentucky 5 - Team J.B Holmes 4.


Page/Kelty (Team Kentucky) def. Huff/Farrell 3&2.
Borders/Estravillo (Team Kentucky) def. Hopkins/George 3&2.
Harmon/Hale (Team Kentucky) def. Russell/Ford 3&2.
Clark/Trautman (Team J.B Holmes) def. Yun/Glisson 1 UP.
Wall/Liles (Team Kentucky) def. Johnson/Cox 2&1.
Holcomb/Isaacs (Team Kentucky) def. Ingram/Sadler 4&3.
Kehoe/Anderson (Team J.B Holmes) def. Thomis-Bennett 3&2.
Limberg/Compton (Team Kentucky) def. Mason/Smith 2&1.
Coyle/Humphress (Team J.B Holmes) def. Abernathy/Anderson 2&1.

FOURSOMES SESSION SCORE: Team Kentucky 6 - Team J.B Holmes 3.


Luc Kelty (Team Kentucky) def. Chase Huff 4&3.
Grant Page (Team Kentucky) def. R.J Farrell 4&3.
Keira Yun (Team Kentucky) def. Natalie Ford 5&4.
Layla George (Team J.B Holmes) def. Holly Hale 5&3.
Emma Harmon (Team Kentucky) def. Brookelyn Hopkins 1 UP.
Bree Russell (Team J.B Holmes) def. Madison Glisson 3&1.
Madison Borders (Team Kentucky) def. McKenzie Trautman 4&2.
Grace Clark (Team J.B Holmes) def. Jenna Estravillo 3&2.
Derek Limberg (Team Kentucky) def. Charles Cox 4&3.
Ben Sadler (Team J.B Holmes) and Trey Wall (Team Kentucky) TIE.
Alex Bennett (Team Kentucky) def. Kobe Ingram 2&1.
Nick Johnson (Team J.B Holmes) def. Will Isaacs 2&1.
Tyler Abernathy (Team Kentucky) def. Ethan Anderson 1 UP.
Evan Humphress (Team J.B Holmes) def. J.T Holcomb 1 UP.
Mason Compton (Team Kentucky) def. Seth Smith 2&1.
Adam Kehoe (Team J.B Holmes) and Clay Anderson (Team Kentucky) TIE.
Hayes Mason (Team J.B Holmes) and Logan Liles (Team Kentucky) TIE.
Luke Coyle (Team J.B Holmes) def. Warren Thomis (Team Kentucky) 5&3.

SINGLES SESSION SCORE: Team Kentucky 10.5 - Team J.B Holmes 7.5.

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