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The core purpose of the Kentucky Golf Foundation is to positively impact Kentucky youth through golf.  As part of this core purpose we provide youth with financial assistance in the forms of grants and scholarships.  In partnership with Justin Thomas and family/friends of Gay Brewer Jr. here are the current opportunities available to youth.

Gay Brewer, Jr. Grant

The purpose of the Gay Brewer, Jr. Grant Program is to offer financial assistance to junior golfers from Kentucky with the ability to compete in junior golf competitions at the regional and national level that are limited in their ability to do so due to financial constraints.

Click here for the 2021 Gay Brewer, Jr. Grant Application

Justin Thomas Grant

The purpose of the Justin Thomas Grant is to provide financial assistance to a Kentucky junior golfer whose past performance record demonstrates they have the potential to play at the collegiate level. This grant enables them to play a more robust national junior schedule with the goal to gain more exposure and earn a college golf scholarship.

Click here for the 2021 Justin Thomas Grant Application

Grant Testimonials:

"I encourage every junior golfer in Kentucky to apply for these amazing grants. I was honored to receive both of these grants over the course of my golf career. They helped me reach my goals and dreams of playing Division 1 golf when I graduate!" ~ Grace Clark

"Grace's receiving of the Justin Thomas Grant last year and the Gay Brewer Jr. Grant the year before were instrumental in helping her reach her goal of playing college golf. We are so thankful! Encourage your junior golfer to apply today!" ~ De'Anna Clark, Grace's mother

"Thanks to the Justin Thomas Grant, I will be able to make my dream of playing college golf come true." ~ Davis Money

"Through (the Justin Thomas Grant), I will be able to travel to tournaments around the country that will prepare me to reach my goal of playing college golf." ~ Drew Wallace

"The (Justin Thomas Grant) will bring new chances for me to travel to ensure a great tournament season. It will give me more opportunities to play and allow me to follow my dream of playing college golf." ~ Megan Hertter

"I am grateful to be chosen to receive the Gay Brewer, Jr. Grant. This will help my family pay for travel to golf tournaments and help me achieve my dream of playing college golf." ~ Drew Wallace

"I am very thankful to receive the Gay Brewer, Jr. Grant. I will use it to travel and fulfill my dream of playing golf beyond the junior level." ~ Colten Wilson

High School Golf Donation Program

The purpose of the High School Golf Donation Program is to provide financial assistance to Kentucky high school golf programs. Players associated with the high school (graduating seniors, students, and golf team members) earn $5 toward the school’s donation each time they complete an 18-hole event on the Kentucky PGA Junior Tour. Coaches and/or Athletic Directors may complete and submit the Donation Request form between July 15 and August 15 to receive the available funds.

Kentucky Junior Golf Supporters

About Golf House Kentucky

Golf House Kentucky is the umbrella organization for Kentucky’s Family of Golf Organizations: Kentucky Golf Association, Kentucky PGA and Kentucky Golf Foundation. The vision of Kentucky’s golf leaders, Golf House Kentucky was founded in 1978, and is headquartered in a picturesque country setting in Louisville, Kentucky. Golf House Kentucky conducts competitions for golfers of all ages, gender and skill levels (amateur, professional and junior), and provides valuable services to Kentucky PGA professionals and member golf facilities. Working in partnership with the USGA, Golf House Kentucky provides individual golfers and member golf facilities with a wide range of services: Handicapping, USGA Course and Slope Rating, award programs, club consulting and golf management software. The family’s philanthropic affiliate, Kentucky Golf Foundation promotes the Kentucky Golf Hall of Fame, Kentucky golf museum and provides grant and scholarship programs for youth in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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