Junior Falls Cities

The Junior Falls Cities is among the longest standing and most historic junior golf tournaments in the United States. The event is hosted each year by Louisville Metro Parks & Recreation while the Kentucky PGA Junior Tour joined the administrative efforts of the event in 2022. The overall boys champion receives an exemption into the Men's Metro Championship while the overall girls winner earns a spot in the Ladies Jefferson County Tournament. 

The list of champions is a true identifier of who's who for golf in Louisville and surrounding cities since 1945. Some of the notable past winners from any division include major champions Justin Thomas and Bobby Nichols, former PGA TOUR winners such as Jodie Mudd and Frank Beard, along with other successful NCAA players and PGA Professionals. Two-time winners include Parge Fischer (father of Mayor Greg Fischer), Rich Casabella, Denny Thompson, Patrick Vadden, and Brandon Berry. Among participants to participate without capturing a title are Masters winner Fuzzy Zoeller and PGA Tour players Ted Schulz and Dave Peege, many Korn Ferry Tour and mini tour players, along with hundreds who went on to play college golf.

2024 Championship

June 1-2 at Long Run Golf Course

Overall Past Champions

2024 Luc Kelty Anika Okuda
2023 Parker Conover Abigayle Buchanan
2022 Tyler Wirth Athena Singh
2019 Joe Benton Jenna Estravillo
2018 Billy Gussler Emily Warner
2017 Campbell Kremer Grace Elliot
2016 Mason Lenhart Molly Bebelaar
2015 Mason Lenhart Morgan Tinsley
2014 Jay Kirchdorfer Molly Abel
2013 Michael Sass Nadine Innes
2012 Lucas Jones Emily Toufate
2011 Bradley Ledford Emily Toufate
2010 Robert Bader Mackenzie Moir
2009 Patrick Davidson Gina Nuzzo
2008 Tim Scott Heather Proctor
2007 Nick Becht Lindsay Gahm
2006 Dustin Denzik Heather Proctor
2005 Alex Zega Karisa Akin
2004 Brandon Berry Jessica Smith
2003 Brandon Berry Ashley Current
2002 Matt Savage Carmen Davis
2001 Mike Haverfield Maggie Hall Kregor
2000 Jessie Mudd Gretchen Zoeller
1999 Simon Brown Gretchen Zoeller
1998 Len Ashby Kimberly Raizor
1997 Kyle Mulrooney  
1996 Codie Mudd  
1995 Danny Baron  
1994 Scott Hupp  
1993 Brad Hartfield  
1992 Billy Applegate  
1991 Mark Kirchdorfer  
1990 Patrick Vadden  
1989 Patrick Vadden  
1988 Bryan Slone  
1985 Tim Logsdon  
1984 Billy Denzik  
1983 Bill Lewis  
1982 Steve Corey  
1981 Ches Musselman  
1980 Mark McDaniel  
1979 Butch Gratton  
1978 Dickie Loebig  
1977 Chris Corbett  
1976 Jodie Mudd  
1975 Denny Thompson  
1974 Denny Thompson  
1973 Vic Grout  
1972 Eddie Mudd Jr.  
1971 Tony Meagher  
1970 Jim Hutson  
1969 Jim Edmundson  
1968 Tim Brown  
1967 Jim Kennedy  
1966 Mike Zimmerer  
1965 Tommy Kalbfleisch  
1964 Joe Lenahan  
1963 Bill Musselman  
1962 Dave Leibson  
1961 Dave Baron  
1960 Sandy Edringer  
1959 Rich Casabella  
1958 Rich Casabella  
1957 Frank Beard  
1956 Carl Owen  
1955 Dave Vaughn  
1954 Bobby Nichols  
1953 Bobby Nichols  
1952 Gerald Raizor  
1951 Parge Fischer  
1950 Parge Fischer  
1949 Elliott Phillips  
1948 Jack Carpenter  
1947 Brown Cullen Jr.  
1946 Jack Payton  
1945 Bart Brown II  


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