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1.    What is the easiest way to get in touch with MacKenzie and/or other staff during the tournament season?

Communication via e-mail is the easiest and preferred way to get in touch with our staff. Contact MacKenzie Peyton, Director, Junior Programs via email.

2.    Do I still have to fill out and send in the Medical Authorization Form if I am only playing in one tournament?

Yes. All participants, in any junior golf event, MUST accept the Emergency Waiver Form.

3.    I am not receiving correspondence, information and confirmation about tournaments I have registered for, what do I need to do?

As noted above, most communication is done via e-mail during the tournament season, so please contact MacKenzie or staff via e-mail or call Golf House Kentucky (502) 243-8295 to ensure that we have a current and correct e-mail address on file for you.
4.    How do I schedule a practice round prior to an event?

We do our best to provide you with information and junior rates for each of our host courses. Refer to the info page for each event for practice round information. In order to schedule a time, contact the host golf course/facility. Practice round availability, restrictions, and limitations are at the sole discretion of the host golf course/facility.

5.    Can I use distance measuring/electronic devices (cell/smart phones, laser range finders, SkyCaddies, Bushnells, etc.) in. junior golf events?

Distance measuring devices that measure distance only and not slope or wind are allowed during competition. Cell phones or watches that allow for direct communication (i.e. texts) are allowed to be used as a distance measuring device or live scoring tool.

6.    Do I have to pay a membership fee to play in all junior golf events?

The Kentucky PGA Junior Tour Membership fee for all junior participants is $80, which allows you to compete in all tournament offerings throughout the calendar year. Events are open to non-members, but entry fees will cost more as a result. The extra money paid for those can NOT then be used towards a membership fee.

7.    If I am a member of the Kentucky PGA Junior Tour and begin the season as a 14-year-old and turn 15 on July 1, 2024. What age division will I play in for the season?

Whatever age you will be on June 1, 2024 is the age group that you will play in for the duration of the season. This is the same for 9-Hole Division players. Players may “play up” into the next Age Division if they wish to compete against older juniors from a longer yardage, but once they have decided to move up they must remain in that division. 
Note: The June 1, 2023 age date is only in place for the Kentucky PGA Junior Tour Events. 

8.    Can I communicate with my son/daughter during the stipulated round of a tournament?

Yes, but only to provide them with a beverage and/or food item at their request (exception: emergency situations). Otherwise, please stay at least 30 yards from all competitors, out of fairways, clear of putting greens, keeping spectator carts (if applicable) on designated paths (or ample distance from fairways in absence of paths) at all times. 

9.    If I want to rent a spectator cart, how do I go about doing so?  How much does it cost?

These fees are at the sole discretion of the host golf course/facility and may vary from site to site. You can inquire about rental carts in the golf shop/clubhouse at most facilities. As a general rule, spectator carts may not be reserved in advance and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

10.    If I find it necessary to withdraw from a tournament during the stipulated round, how should I go about doing so?

Please find a junior tour staff member, rules official, or host site official with radio communication to immediately inform them of your decision. They will assist you through radio communication with the tournament director to complete the process of exchanging/signing scorecards with fellow competitors prior to your exit from the golf course. You must sign for the scores you have recorded as a marker up until that point and assure that you return your scorecard to the scoring area, or have one of your fellow competitors do so. Also, the card you were keeping must be kept by another member of your pairing/group and if necessary cards must be exchanged so that no competitor is keeping their own score.

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