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Youth on Course Caddie Program

“Every teenager should give it a try. You get $50 automatically for each round and get to work outside whenever you want at some of the nicest golf courses in the area. There are so many opportunities you have by participating and I hope more people continue to get involved with it.” ~ Grant Petry, the Youth on Course Caddie who logged the most rounds in Kentucky in 2019.

Youth ages 14-18 in Kentucky are eligible for a summer job in our Youth on Course Caddie Program! Earn great money, work outside in a beautiful environment, make your own schedule and network with new people. Apply Now »

The Youth on Course Caddie Program is a fun and exciting way for teens to join the workforce and make $50 per round, plus a $500 scholarship for every ten loops!

Youth ages 14-18 can apply for our caddie program. We will show you everything you need to know about being a caddie at a group orientation, and we provide the caddie bib for a small fee ($5).

You will earn $50 per round caddied, but one of the best parts of our program is that you will earn an additional $500 into a college scholarship fund after every ten rounds caddied!

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Staff Contact:
Sally Morgan, PGA (Assistant Executive Director)
(502) 243-8295 ext. 20312

(Please refrain from contacting the host facilities with questions pertaining to the Youth on Course Caddie Program)

Why Become a Caddie

Caddying is a fun way to meet new people, work outside, and earn good money on your own schedule. You do not have to have work experience to join the caddie program, we'll help you learn what you need to know! All you need is a way to get to the course, a great attitude, good walking shoes, maybe some sunglasses, and access to a smartphone for booking your loops. Caddying also opens up opportunities for scholarships.


Participating caddies will receive $50 per loop, plus an additional $500 for every ten loops completed. The scholarship will be paid directly to the university or college the caddie will be attending, and will be carried over each year until the caddie enters college. The ten-loop count will also carry over from year to year and will not reset.


There will be virtual orientations done through Google Meet for each caddie to complete before beginning the process. Applicants will be prompted to select a day and time in the application. Videos will also be sent to each applicant to best show them how to prepare for the caddie process.

Caddie Scholarships

Youth ages 14-18 with financial need can start saving early for college by in the Youth on Course Caddie Program. Participants earn $50 per round plus $500 into a college scholarship fund after every ten loops ($50 per loop).

Open to all Youth on Course members (ages 14-18), which includes members of the Kentucky PGA Junior Tour and The First Tee of Louisville. Any interested junior golfer must fill out the online application and complete a short questionnaire. Following the application process, the junior golfer must attend an orientation session where they will be taught guidelines on being a caddie, how to use the CaddieNow app, and policies for the different courses. They will also be evaluated on their abilities and knowledge.

Members that become certified will then be available to caddie at any of the participating sites: Big Spring Country Club, Big Spring Country Club - Harmony Landing Course, Hurstbourne Country Club, and Keene Trace Golf Club.

Restrictions: YOC members may not caddie at a participating club if they are also a member at that club.

Hurstbourne Country Club

9000 Hurstbourne Club Lane, Louisville, KY 40222

Big Spring Country Club

5901 Dutchmans Lane, Louisville, KY 40205

Big Spring CC | Harmony Landing Course

13201 Reading Road, Goshen, KY 40026

Keene Trace Golf Club (Champions)

5600 Harrodsburg Rd, Nicholasville, KY 40356

Keene Trace Golf Club (Keene Run)

20 Ave of Champions, Nicholasville, KY 40356



What is a loop and how long does it take?
Loop is caddie-lingo for a round of golf. This can mean 9 or 18 holes of walking – which can be equivalent to about two to five miles. It generally takes between 2 and 5 hours to complete a loop, depending on the course, the players and the number of holes they play.


How often can I caddie?
You can caddie as much or as little as you would like. If you are in a location with numerous courses that need caddies, you can also caddie at multiple locations which will help increase your loops. Loops will be available when golfers ask for them, so this may vary from day to day. Saturdays and Sundays will be bigger days for caddying.


How do I get loops as a caddie?
Once you are trained, you will make your own work schedule using an app called CaddieNow. CaddieNow works a lot like Lyft or Uber, but for caddies. When a golfer is playing a round and wants to take a caddie, they go on CaddieNow and say “I need a caddie at XYZ course on Saturday at 9am.” All the caddies in the area that have been trained will then receive a notification that a golfer is looking for a caddie. The first caddie to respond that they are available will get the loop. If you do a good job caddying, the golfer has the ability to request you first.


How do I learn to caddie?
There will be a caddie orientation that you must attend before becoming a certified caddie. We will show you how to be a caddie – everything from how to rake the sand, how to answer questions golfers may have and how to fix the golf course as you go. We will set you up for success at our orientations.


Where can I caddie?
There are several locations where you can caddie. If there are numerous locations near where you live, you are welcome to caddie at multiple locations.


2021 Caddie Sites:

  • Big Spring Country Club - Louisville
  • Big Spring CC | Harmony Landing Campus - Goshen
  • Hurstbourne Country Club - Louisville
  • Keene Trace Golf Club (Champions)
  • Keene Trace Golf Club (Keene Run)


What do I wear as a caddie?
Caddies will wear a uniform that we provide for a small fee ($5). Underneath the uniform, you should wear comfortable shorts or pants and an appropriate t-shirt or collared shirt. Comfortable walking shoes are a must! You will be walking.


How much money can I make as a caddie?
You will earn $50 per loop, and you will earn an additional $500 into a college scholarship fund after every ten loops.


What is a caddie? What do they do?
In golf, a caddie is a person who carries a player’s bag and clubs during a round of golf. Sometimes the caddie may give a golfer advice or moral support, but mainly a caddie is someone who is in charge of equipment.

Traditional caddying involves both the golfer and the caddie walking the course together. The caddie is in charge of carrying the player’s bag. The caddie is also responsible for taking care of the course as the players move through – raking sand and fixing spots on the green. (We will train you how to do all of this!)

Fore-Caddying entails the caddie walking ahead while the players ride in carts. The fore-caddy will watch for the ball to land – making sure they spot it in long grass or tree areas – and point out it’s location to keep golfers moving along.

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