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Spectator Policy

Spectators are encouraged to attend all events. However, they must be courteous to all competitors and abide by all rules set in place by Golf House Kentucky and the host facility. It is the player’s responsibility to keep spectators away. Please come to the course and enjoy watching the juniors compete as an individual. Spectator carts and fees are at the discretion of the host facility. Rules for spectators are as follows:

Spectator carts will be allowed, when available, from the host facility. All carts are to remain on the provided paths – no exceptions. In the event there are no paths provided, carts should be at least 5 feet from the fairway cut of the hole being played. Spectators will respect the entire field of participants and stop all cart movement while a player is preparing to, or in the process of making a stroke.

** In certain circumstances spectator carts may be extremely limited or not available at all at some host facilities. Personal motorized golf cars are only allowed at the discretion of the Host Professional Staff. Spectators should not arrive to an event with a personal cart without advance permission from the Host Professional Staff.


First offense – Warning

Second offense – Forfeit of the use of the cart for the remainder of the round, without refund.

Only designated officials from the Kentucky PGA Junior Tour will give rulings to the participants at the request of the individual. The staff will assist in any way possible when they are asked to do so by the players. Players are encouraged to ask “What are my options?” when asking for assistance from an official.

Any misconduct or unbecoming behavior by the Junior Member or their parent/guardian may result in the immediate disqualification of the player from the event, or the removal of the parent/guardian from the facility. Examples of misconduct include, but are not limited to, throwing clubs, use of vulgar or obscene language, smoking, drinking alcohol, use of tobacco, littering, abuse of KYPGAJT Staff, volunteers, or PGA Members. If you witness any unbecoming behavior, please report it immediately to the KYPGAJT Staff on-site. Excessive and continued abuse of KYPGAJT Rules and Regulations by a Junior Member or Parent will result in a hearing with the Ethics Committee and /or suspension or expulsion from the KYPGAJT Junior Tour. If a junior or a parent is suspended, the suspension may last throughout the end of the calendar year. The Junior/Parent may reapply for Membership/reinstatement the following year and may appeal the Ethics Committee’s decisionOnly participants in the event will be allowed to walk in the fairways. Spectators should remain off all teeing grounds and putting greens. Spectators must remain at least 30 yards from the players at all times. Exception: If the player requests food, drink, or anything for personal safety, then a spectator may approach a participant to deliver what was requested. The spectator should then leave the area immediately and allow the player to continue his/her play.


First offense – Warning

Second offense – Spectator will be asked to go into the clubhouse for the remainder of the round.

Spectators are required to turn their cellular device to silent or off for the entire round. When making calls please be courteous to our golfers.

Spectators are welcome to spot shots by moving ahead of the grouping to view incoming shots from a safe distance. Assisting with the search for a ball is allowed and encouraged.

.Spectators are reminded that they should not inject themselves into the competition. That includes making rulings, reporting penalties, asking for scores, or giving advice of any kind. The competitors are expected to go to the scoring area immediately upon the completion of their round without consulting with spectators beforehand. While spectators may share their thoughts with Kentucky PGA Junior Tour Officials and staff, the players are responsible for signing and reviewing their scorecard in the scoring area. Our staff is dedicated to conducting events under the Rules of Golf, and educating players is part of that process.


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