Junior Tour

Scoring Procedures

Keeping Score

Players must report to the scoring area immediately after completing their stipulated round. Scorecards will be checked and signed by the players in the scoring area without the assistance of caddies or spectators.

  • Rules of Golf states: “After each hole the marker should check the score with the competitor and record it. On completion of the round the marker shall sign the card and hand it to the competitor.”
  • Rules of Golf states: “The competitor is responsible for the correctness of the score recorded for each hole on his card. If he returns a score for any hole lower than actually taken, he shall be disqualified. If he returns a score for any hole higher than actually taken, the score as returned shall stand.”

DON’T JUST LOOK AT THE FINAL SCORE: BE SURE THAT YOUR HOLE-BY-HOLE SCORES ARE CORRECT! The Committee will take care of adding the score for you.


Rules violations will be administered by the on-site tournament officials and as prescribed by the USGA Rules of Golf. Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification from any Kentucky PGA Junior Tour event.

Scoring Limit (9-Hole & 6-Hole Divisions)

To assist with pace of play, the Tour will implement a scoring limit on each hole for the 9-Hole and 6-Hole divisions in series events. The maximum score a player can take is four over Par (+4) on any hole. The maximum score a player in the 9-Hole or 6-Hole divisions can record is 7 on a Par 3, 8 on a Par 4, and 9 on a Par 5. Competitors are not disqualified from winning prizes in their age group when taking a maximum score on any hole. This policy will also be available at most events for the Boys and Girls 14 & Under Divisions when Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings are not being used.

Circle 9 Option (18-Hole Divisions)

To assist with pace of play, the Tour will implement a “Circle 9 Option” for the 18-Hole divisions in series events that are not ranked with Junior Golf Scoreboad. If a player hits 9 shots (including penalty shots) and has not finished the hole, they have the OPTION to pick up their ball, have their marker (player keeping their scorecard) write down a 9 with a circle around it as the score for that hole, and continue to the next hole.

Circle 9 scores will be converted before being used to compute gross scores. One Circle 9 score will be converted to a 12. Two Circle 9 scores will be converted to 11 on each hole. Three or more Circle 9 scores will be converted to a 10 on each hole.

*This policy will not be available during two-day championship events due to Junior Golf Scoreboard rankings.

Handicap Service & Posting Scores

The Kentucky PGA Junior Tour conducts gross score events in each Division. Members of the Junior Tour will receive a GHIN Number. If the member already has a GHIN Number, they will be asked to provide that information during the Tour Membership registration process. Players are expected to post every round played under the Rules of Golf for a proper reflection of their personal Handicap Index. This includes practice rounds, recreational rounds, and tournament rounds with the player trying to do as well as possible on each hole. Net Double Bogey Max must be used when posting scores. A Handicap Index is calculated on the revisions schedule for Kentucky as soon as at least 5 scores have been posted.


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