Junior Tour

General Tournament Policies


In anticipation of inclement weather, the Golf House Kentucky staff reserves the right to reduce the number of holes in a stipulated round.

If an event is a total rainout, an attempt will be made to:

  • Reschedule the event
  • Place all players in another event
  • Give refunds to registered participants

The Junior MUST check the schedule for another event that is not filled, and call to enter that event at no additional charge. Credits will not be given if a 9-Hole event completes 5 holes of play or if an 18-Hole event completes 9 holes of play. Prizes will be awarded if the minimum number of holes has been completed.

On Course Hospitality

Participants need to remember they are playing golf when the heat index is often very high. They need to be sure to have enough liquid in their bag to last for at least nine holes. Refreshment coolers on the course are constantly checked and refilled, with every effort made to have refreshments on hand. To ensure players have enough fluids, refreshments on the course are intended for participants only.

Care for the Course

All players are expected to maintain the condition of the golf course by repairing ball marks, raking bunkers, replacing divots, picking up and properly disposing of trash, etc. Any abuse to the course or other club facilities will result in disqualification and suspension for one event. All players and parents are encouraged to thank the host club, staff, and volunteers for their generous support of junior golf program. Thank you notes to the host facilities are encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Rules of Play

The Rules of Golf shall govern all play. Supplemental rules will be provided at each site in the form of a “Notice to Competitors” given to all participants prior to starting play.

Age Divisions

Participants will select their Division based on their age as of June 1, 2024 during the Tour Membership registration process. Juniors may choose to “play up” into the next age division if they wish to compete against older juniors playing from a longer yardage. Players are able to do this on an event-to-event basis, but will only earn points towards the division they play in for that specific event. Class of 2024 graduating seniors may still participate in the oldest age group.

Dress Code & Conduct Guidelines

Teaching sportsmanship, etiquette, and the Rules of Golf are a primary goal of Golf House Kentucky.  To promote these ideals and to maintain the integrity of this program, the following guidelines for dress and conduct will apply. Tournament officials will enforce these guidelines at all junior golf events.

DRESS CODE: Proper dress is required at all junior events. Boys collared shirts or mock turtlenecks must be worn and tucked in at all times. Girl’s shirts without a collar must have sleeves and fashion shirts worn untucked must NOT rise above the belt line at any time during the golf swing. Girl’s shorts MUST be of fingertip length. All hats or visors must be worn with the brim forward. No denim pants/shorts or cut-offs are permitted. Only girls are allowed to have visible piercings and only on the ears.

If a player breaks any part of the dress code policy, a Kentucky PGA Junior Tour staff member will ask them to comply with the dress code policy. Players will not be allowed to compete in the tournament if they do not adhere to the dress code policy.

CONDUCT GUIDELINES: Any conduct which may be detrimental to the Kentucky PGA Junior Tour will not be tolerated. Such behavior includes swearing, club throwing, or damage to the golf course or other player’s belongings. Any of these actions may result in a warning, stroke penalty, or immediate disqualification.

Possession of alcohol or tobacco products, gambling, or display of vulgar or abusive behavior will result in immediate disqualification. Multiple violations will result in dismissal from the Kentucky PGA Junior Tour.

Caddies are expected to adhere to all of the dress code and conduct guidelines.

Electronic Devices

DISTANCE MEASURING DEVICES: For all Kentucky PGA Junior Tour competitions, a player may obtain distance information by using a device measuring distance only. If, during a stipulated round, a player uses any other function such as to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g., gradient, wind-speed, temperature, etc.), regardless of whether any such additional functions are actually used, the player is in breach of Rule 4.3.  

Penalty for Breach of Condition: First Offense - General Penalty; Subsequence Offense - Disqualification

COMMUNICATION DEVICES: Voice communication devices may not be used by a player, his side or caddie during any stipulated round or match, unless such device is being used for live scoring, for timing purposes, to check the weather or as a distance measuring device.

The penalty for breach is:  Disqualification for acting contrary to the spirit of the game – Rule 1.2

DOUBT AS TO PROCEDURE: In most situations, players are expected to use Rule 20.1c (3) (Playing Two Balls When Uncertain What to Do) to play a second ball when they are uncertain how to proceed. The competitor must designate which ball to count if the Rules permit, and the situation must be reported as the scoring area when the scorecard is signed even if the same score occurs with both balls.

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Golf House Kentucky is the umbrella organization for Kentucky’s Family of Golf Organizations: Kentucky Golf Association, Kentucky PGA and Kentucky Golf Foundation. The vision of Kentucky’s golf leaders, Golf House Kentucky was founded in 1978, and is headquartered in a picturesque country setting in Louisville, Kentucky. Golf House Kentucky conducts competitions for golfers of all ages, gender and skill levels (amateur, professional and junior), and provides valuable services to Kentucky PGA professionals and member golf facilities. Working in partnership with the USGA, Golf House Kentucky provides individual golfers and member golf facilities with a wide range of services: Handicapping, USGA Course and Slope Rating, award programs, club consulting and golf management software. The family’s philanthropic affiliate, Kentucky Golf Foundation promotes the Kentucky Golf Hall of Fame, Kentucky golf museum and provides grant and scholarship programs for youth in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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