Junior Tour

Caddie Policy

All players must walk and carry their own clubs or use a pull cart.

Caddies are allowed for 9-Hole Divisions in all events.

EXCEPTION: Juniors who have demonstrated the ability to play the game competitively and in a timely fashion, but who have been diagnosed with a cognitive disability that prevents them from making proper decisions as to safety, scoring, etc., may qualify to have a caddie appointed to assist them with their play. Each request for a caddie will be viewed on a case by case basis and the amount of the caddie’s participation will be limited to the specific needs of that player. It is not the intent of the Kentucky PGA Junior Tour to grant a wide range of caddie activity; rather it is our intent to severely limit the acts that a caddie can perform to only those things necessary for the disabled child to participate.


  • U.S. Junior Amateur Qualifying
  • U.S. Girls Junior Amateur Qualifying
  • Kentucky Junior PGA Championship
  • Kentucky Junior Amateur Championship


  • Season Kickoff
  • Lou Perry Tour Championship

NOTE: Parents and Guardians are always allowed to caddie for 9-Hole Divisions in ALL events.

Juniors with caddies will be expected to maintain Pace of Play requirements, and caddies must walk. Players must notify the starter on the first tee when they are using a caddie. Personalized caddie bibs will be available for purchase at some point during the season, however are not required to purchase in order ot be a caddie.

PUSH / PULL CARTS: Manual push/pull carts are acceptable (as permitted by the host facility).

Caddies are reminded they are there to assist the player by teaching them how to make decisions and keep score on the course. The time needed to take each shot includes any consultation with the caddie. It is important for caddies to assist the player without taking complete control of every action. The players will be responsible for correcting any scoring discrepancies in the scoring area as they sign the scorecards. Caddies are not allowed in the scoring area. The experience of having a caddie should be viewed as an educational opportunity while promoting the independence needed by each player to play the game. Encouragement of all players in the group is important when teaching good sportsmanship to the competitors.

Caddies are expected to maintain the same dress code and conduct guidelines as the players. Caddies that are observed creating potential penalty situations for the players will be educated on correct procedures whenever possible. If a caddie creates a negative behavior situation within a group during a stipulated round, they may be cautioned or removed by a tournament official. In order to maintain as much of a positive experience as possible for all golfers, caddies are expected to serve as a positive role model for the players.

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